LEGO Lion Knight's Castle #10305 Review & Lighting Journal

There must be nostalgia in the air! We’re talking about the release of yet another 90th anniversary set! - the LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle 10305!

Inspired by the now legendary classic LEGO Castles - LEGO’s modern designers have created something truly special for young and old LEGO fanatics - inspiring us here at Light My Bricks to do the same!

As soon as this set was announced, we knew we had to get our hands on a copy - but also, so would every other LEGO enthusiast this side of the equator, as it was perhaps the crown jewel of the always loaded August 1st release day!

After lining up at our nearest LEGO store and thankfully securing our treasure, the team got to work quickly with the build process - castle brick after castle brick. Though it must be said, that they couldn’t help admiring the classicly styled packaging! Taking some of the older (but not too old!) team members for a trip down memory lane. Those yellow and blue corner ribbons, that adorned each and every LEGO box brought back memories of our very first interactions with the plastic bricks that we still obviously love very much to this day!

Once the castle construction was complete, it was time to bring some medieval illuminated ambience to this nostalgic new build!

Having had the experience of lighting up the Medieval Blacksmith and 3-in-1 Castle quite recently, gave our designers a good jumping-off point to begin the design and sped the process up considerably. Our designers were able to grab copious amounts of Orange, Yellow and Warm White Bit Lights - knowing that those warm hues were what would be needed without too much experimentation necessary.

Again the contrasting blue of the water was known to be needed ahead of time for that awesome moat! Two Blue Bit Lights were installed under the trans clear bricks, giving the water a lagoon-like quality, balancing the warm colours of the candles, lanterns and flames that light up the rest of the set.

Now we head inside the castle walls. As mentioned above, a ton of lanterns, fireplaces and candles light up the cavernous walls, rooms, halls and corridors. With the aforementioned Orange, Yellow and Warm White Bit Lights a series of Flicker Effects Boards were connected and incorporated to really bring the set to life.

With a set this big that also has a ton of interactive, playable components. Cable management and concealment is of the utmost importance. Our team expertly laid, arranged and managed each wire involved carefully so as to retain complete functionality in the sets moving features. LEGO open studded bricks were incorporated in several instances to thread wires in advantageous positions. Play or display - that’s the Light My Bricks way!

Finally, the team decided what was needed to really complete this epic set, were a trio of Spotlights to shine upon the towering castle walls! Sound the trumpets and raise the flags! The Lion Knights are in for a fight - better provide them with some light!

And there you have it! Step back in time - all the way back in time with the nostalgic LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle 10305! Let us know what you think? Will you be lighting the lanterns and sounding the trumpets? Tag us on social media if you do!

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