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Watch how Light My Bricks lights can add life to your favourite LEGO sets.

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Light My Bricks has the largest range of LEGO light kits available

Largest Range of LEGO Light Kits

Light My Bricks has the largest range of LEGO lighting kits on the market. Our catalogue is constantly growing and new kits are being developed for the most popular and beloved sets - both new and old.

Browse our range, where you will find custom LED lighting kits for all your favourite sets, including Modular Buildings, Creator Series, Star Wars, Harry Potter and much more!

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Light My Bricks stock DIY components


Are you the type that prefers to create your own models? Then you're in luck!

Here at Light My Bricks, we're constantly developing new lighting features to help better showcase your creations. With our extensive range of LED lights and lighting effects, you'll easily find something to bring out the best in your MOC (My Own Creation)!

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What makes us different

Light My Bricks is committed to quality


Light My Bricks has a strong commitment to quality.

Much like building a LEGO set, we feel that opening and installing a Light My Bricks light kit should be a great “experience”.

Prior to delivery, all Light My Bricks components are tested for quality assurance at our Australian warehouse before being packed and shipped.

Our light kits are delivered in high quality printed boxes that exude a premium feel. Magnetic clasps on our boxes provide secure but easy access to components, and contents are packaged individually using protective anti-static and bags. 

On top of that, our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help you with any Light My Bricks query.

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You can connect multiple Light My Bricks kits together

Light up multiple kits at once

We know LEGO fan love to collect lots of sets and want to proudly put them on display.

Lighting your bricks is a great way to add a level of realism to your collection. But if you have a large collection that you want to light up, managing multiple light kits can be tricky.

That's why we've developed a lighting system that is completely modular and can scale as your collection grows!

Each Light My Bricks lighting kit can be connected with one another, meaning you can chain your light kits together and have them powered by a single power source.

We also provide remote control functions so that you can turn on your light kits, this is great for setups that are kept inside display cases!