LEGO Star Wars Light Kits

At Light My Bricks, we have an extensive range of light kits designed for your favourite LEGO Star Wars sets! Whether you're a diehard fan of the movie and television franchise, or just love the look of the LEGO models, our easy to install light kits are the perfect way to bring your Star Wars collection to life!

Our range crosses a wide variety of sets from the Star Wars universe, including sets from the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS), Star Wars Prequels, Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars Sequels and much more!

Our team of designers take great care and thought into designing our light kits. LED lights and lighting effects are applied naturally where lighting opportunities present themselves, this allows us to retain the original aesthetic of the LEGO set while enhancing its realism and visual dynamics.

If you have a Star Wars model and are looking to add LED lights to your set, simply scroll and browse below to find the appropriate light up kit. You can also use the search function above and type in the model name or number to find your set.

As the LEGO Star Wars catalogue grows, so does our LED light range. However, if you find that your set is not currently available, visit our Suggest A LEGO Set page and recommend what we should design next - we'll also notify you once it's ready!

Star Wars UCS sets

The Ultimate Collector Series sets bring the very best aspects of LEGO and Star Wars together with these ultra-detailed and highly collectable sets.

With desirable models such as the Millennium Falcon (75192), Slave 1 (75060) or the Super Star Destroyer (102221), Light My Bricks have an extensive catalogue of light kits that will turn your models into centrepieces that will truly stand out amongst your collection (and be the envy of your family and friends)!

Lights for lightsabers

There is no denying the coolness factor of Star Wars lightsabers. Whether its the coloured glow of an ignited weapon or the sound effects as they wave and clash against each other, these iconic weapons play a huge role in the popularity of the series.

When it comes to LEGO, Jedi and Sith minifigures are equipped with their own lightsabers - which you can now light up with Light My Bricks! With our specially designed lightsaber lights, you can now recreate your favourite scenes from the franchise. 

Even unique lightsabers owned by characters like Darth Maul, Kylo Ren and Mace Windu are available in our lightsaber light collection. 

Easy to install LEGO light kits

Light My Bricks lights kits are designed and assembled in Australia.

Our lighting components are designed to be paired with LEGO and are small enough to fit in between and under bricks. Additionally, our light kits come with detailed, step-by-step installation guides to help you add lights to your favourite models. No electronics experience required!

Find your Light My Bricks Star Wars light kit today and bring your collection to life!

Add sound to your LEGO!

Light My Bricks also produce sound kits to make your LEGO sets even more realistic. Complement your lights with a little audio!

Our sound kits will allow you to upload your own MP3 files and play them back through our tiny, but powerful integrated speaker system. With your LEGO Star Wars sets, this means you can play back sounds like lasers firing, hyper-engines warming up or even lightsabers clashing!

The sound system is 100% compatible with all of our light kits and includes a remote control for easy playback.

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